The Ulver Airstream is a vehicle in Mafia. It is extremely similar to Culver.

Design Edit


Ulver Airstream

The car is based on the Chrysler Airflow, the first aerodynamically styled American car. However, the front fascia is significantly modified.

Specifications Edit

  • Weight 1550 kg
  • Horsepower 130
  • Max speed 90 MPH or 145 km/h
  • Engine 8 cylinder engine, 4893 CCM and a 3 speed gearbox
  • Body style coupe and 4-door.

Appearance Edit

It's seen during Lucas Bertone's optional side-mission in A Trip to the Country, in exchange for a favor. After this is complete, he shows you how to steal the 4-door and where to get it. Once done, just drive back to the bar and it will be placed in your garage. The car begins spawning in traffic from Great Deal onward.